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Surviving a Thing Called Life

It was exactly one month ago that I met my idol. I remember being so nervous that I couldn’t eat. Walking up to him and just being able to talk to him face to face was the greatest experience of my life. He was so sweet and really seemed like he was there because he wanted to be. I was so lucky that I got to experience meeting the talented man that he is and will forever remember it. He deserves the positive attention that he is receiving because what he has done for kids all around the world is unthinkable and truly amazing. It was so great to be able to tell him how thankful I am for being the influential person he is. I don’t know how or why anyone would hate on such a loving human being. Thank you Chris Colfer for being the man that you are.

I’m in the red skirt. My mom is in the red dress, and at one point you see him waving at me. I also took a few pics of him talking to some little kids. He joked around with them and it was so cute. He had to take a potty break which was hilarious and hellboy stood outside the LOCKED door while he peed so no one could get in. And seriously though, watching him drink water, I was going nuts. 

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    I just thank God every day that with all the homophobic hate Chris gets (and twitter is only the tip of the iceberg)...
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